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Kevin Garrett, AWMA(SM), CFS® and Partner at Integrated Financial Group is a six time recipient of the Five Star Wealth Management Award. His mission is to strengthen your financial security through skillful investment management, generating long-term growth and protecting and preserving your capital.  

Proactive vigilance is essential during changing times. The events of recent years prove that it is more important than ever to avoid serious damage to your financial security. Through personal experience Kevin knows the damage that can be done … a family member was a victim of poor guidance regarding her retirement strategy.  

Kevin advises people from all walks of life including business owners, executives and professionals. As an entrepreneur in his previous career, he understands the complexities of running a business, planning a career and establishing a financial strategy for the future.  

Women face different challenges when it comes to retirement planning; interruptions in their careers to raise children, the gender pay gap, divorce and widowhood can leave even the most professional women apprehensive about living in retirement free from concerns about money.  

As your working phase of life nears an end and you shift your focus from accumulating assets to distributing them, you will need answers and solutions to the puzzling questions and challenges that may be emerging.  

If you want those answers and the security of a financial advisor who is concerned about your financial future and your dreams of retirement – an advisor who will guide you into and through the retirement phase of life – Kevin is the advisor you want.

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  • Strategies to help ensure you never run out of money in retirement.


We help advance the retirement readiness of women, widows and divorcees to get the most from their retirement savings.

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  • How to ensure you don't run out of money in retirement.
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  • How to cover all healthcare, medical and long-term expenses.
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