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Ken Tumolo possesses a long-held passion for helping clients attain financial security and independence as they plan for their retirement years, because he has always believed that everyone deserves a secure and independent retirement. Ken is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and holds the Series 66 license, as well as Life, Health, and Long-Term Care licenses. He also has a Bachelor’s in Financial Services and an Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.  

Ken’s talent for paying attention to detail fueled his early career running a small technical business for 15 years. His main duties there included planning and projection-based budgeting, which was perfect experience for his move to the retirement planning world. He had already learned how to project out and budget for the unexpected that sometimes happens in the business world. “I like to help prove to my clients that they are going to be OK — that gives me real satisfaction — to be able to give them that peace of mind,” says Ken. “I feel they need a reason for their investments, and it has to fit a plan that will get them through. I like to take the time to build that plan and get to know the clients and their circumstances. I want them to understand the plan. If I am building a plan that they understand, then I know they can rest assured I’m doing right by them and that I am truly acting as a fiduciary, producing for them what is in their best interests.”  

With Ken’s retirement planning methodology, all the pieces fall in place – the estate planning, the tax planning and the investment portfolio segment. If there is a chance to do something earlier to help potentially save taxes in the future, Ken wants to make sure you plan for it. If there is a more efficient way to draw accounts to produce tax savings, he wants to execute it. His goal is to provide his clients multiple ideas, advantages they may not be aware of and various ways to manage their accounts to get them through retirement and possibly pass on assets to family or charities.  

Away from the office, Ken is an avid fisherman and enjoys hanging out with his family. His three boys are older now, but father and sons all still get together as much as they possibly can. “My wife and I enjoy hosting family events,” says Ken, “and, as odd as this might sound, I enjoy doing projects around the house, like building decks and remodeling jobs.” Ken also enjoys running — not competitively — but to take in the scenery and relax.

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With our Guaranteed Income For Life Analysis, we'll explore all of the various options available to create an income stream you can't outlive.

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